In order to create the top, interviews were taken with warehouse users from the different sectors of activity, from retail, automotive to pharmaceutical industries. They have been asked to make a top of the most important 100 locations according to 13 criteria, first most important being the transportation routes access, the proximity to the clients, the real estate costs, the flexibility and availability of labour, Mediafax writes.

Bucharest and Western Romania were placed on 8th place in the top of the ten most attractive destinations for logistic activities this year, and on 5th place in2018, the best scores being obtained for real estate costs and the flexibility and availability of labour. As expected, the lowest score was obtained for infrastructure, but also for the available plots and modern logistic premises.

In top ten most attractive destinations for 2013 there are also included Venlo (Netherlands), Anvers (Brussels), Rotterdam (Netherlands), Rhein-Ruhr (Germany), Madrid, Liege and central Germany, Ile de France and Dusseldorf.

For 2018 the first place is kept by Venlo (Neterlands), followed by Rotterdam, Anvers and Rhein-Ruhr.

Romania has succeeded in surpassing markets such as Frankfurt pe Main, Prague, Munich, Hamburg, Barcelona or the Western England.

Prologis is one of the world biggest industrial and logistic parks developers, in Romania being the owner of a project situated in the vicinity of Bucuresti-Pitesti highway.

Prologis Park Bucharest A1 includes four buildings on 107,000 sqm, and the land owned by the company allows the construction of a supplementary 186,000 sqm of warehouses. (source: