Global Occupancy Costs Logistics 2013 report presents the actual occupancy costs of the prime logistics on 64 world market.

“The industrial and logistics facilities rents in Romania remained stable, currently the level of rents for big premises exceeding 5,000 sqm is situating between EUR 3.2 – 3.8/ sqm/month, with effective net values that can be even more competitive. On the background of a low request, together with a limited volume of scheduled deliveries, the build-to-suit developments will remain the main incentive of the construction activity on this segment” says Rodica Tarcavu, head of industrial department DTZ Echinox.

According to DTZ study, in Bucharest the annual occupancy costs per square meter currently reach 76 dollars, placing Bucharest on the 13th place in the world in the top of the most accessible logistic destinations. The evolution forecasts in 2012-2017 show that by the end of 2017, Bucharest will climb to 8th place in the top of the cheapest logistic destinations, being expected to register in this period one of the world’s lowest cost growth.


The cheapest logistic destination is currently (SUA), where the annual costs are 59 dollars per square meter. Although it is expected that by 2017 the cost will increase to 66 dollars per square meter per annum, this growth will not affect the city’s first position in the top. (source: