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delete duplicate Ploiesti West Park

Adresă: 107025 Ploiești, Aricestii Rahtivani, Londra nr. 5, depozit logistic SME,

Site web:  http://www.alinso.eu/en/

Număr de telefon:  +40 34 422 8200  +40 34 422 8215  +40 75 123 4016 

ALINSO GROUP is a Belgium based developer which manages a number of industrial and business parks in Europe. In Romania, Alinso Group is currently developing 2 large scale projects: • PLOIESTI WEST PARK, the largest industrial park in SE Europe (surface of approx. 300 ha) • ALLIANSO TERMINAL, the first privately held, independently managed and open intermodal terminal in Prahova county, Romania. With a focus on sustainable solutions, PLOIESTI WEST PARK has set the goal to build efficient and cost effective buildings, utilities and infrastructure for its customers. This goal has so far been achieved and overcome with the works delivered in the short period the park has existed. One of the fastest developing projects in SE Europe, PLOIESTI WEST PARK has managed to deliver so far approximately 160,000 m² of class A warehouse and workshop spaces. PLOIESTI WEST PARK, a modern mixed use industrial park, mainly focused on logistics & industrial activities. The park is located west of Ploiesti. Ploiesti West Park is among the top major sites in Eastern and Central Europe (www.ploiestiwest.eu). PLOIESTI WEST PARK has the benefits from a big industrial park and has all utilities & services available through the park management at sharp prices. This allows our clients to focus on their activities and develop the business and operations in the most efficient way Proving to be a trend setter in this respect on the Romanian industrial market, ALINSO GROUP has implemented within PLOIESTI WEST PARK a series of innovative solutions and sustainable features. - All warehouses built are class A constructions (total delivered surface of around 160,000 m²) - Construction of the first BREEAM compliant industrial warehouse in Romania. This is a 17,850 m² construction, dedicated to all types of companies, interested in renting warehouse, workshops and office space, starting with units of 1,100 m². Currently, the building is fully occupied. BREEAM compliance can be implemented during the design. - Construction of a state of the art cold storage warehouse, which has 25% less carbon emissions than other warehouses of its type. It also has substantially reduced power consumption, due to the installations design which was implemented. The total surface of the building is approx. 6,000 m² and it offers approx. 7,500 pallet places for rental. - Installation of the first rooftop photo-voltaic panel project in Romania, which has a total capacity of 5.0 MW and was constructed to partially supply the requirements of existing tenants. The panels were installed on the existing roofs of the buildings of PLOIESTI WEST PARK. - An 11 MWp solar panel farm is operational since May 2014 on a surface of 18 ha. - Construction of a utilities ring network, which represents an efficient and cost effective solution to connect all the constructions/tenants/land owners in our park to utilities. With more than 150 ha already completed out of more than 300 ha, PLOIESTI WEST PARK has proven to be a leader who managed to attract major international companies by offering high quality and environmentally friendly premises and by supporting investors through it’s ‘one stop shop’ concept and fast execution capabilities. (We can deliver a complete functional building within four months after final approval of execution design) Our Proposal: • Sell of land • Construction and project management • Rent, by long term and short term lease (including temporary warehousing)

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